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Comment: Digital transformation ‘key’ to helping the NHS cope post pandemic

Dr Peter Ingham (pictured below) from the BT Clinical Advisory Board speaks to BBH about why he is pushing for digital transformation to continue f...

Lack of managers contributes to NHS bed-blocking crisis

Reform report claims recruitment crisis is to blame for problems with patient flow in hospitals

Intelligent disease management ‘vital’ to NHS survival

The burden of chronic disease has been growing for decades, draining resources, expanding health inequalities, and multiplying costs. Here, Paul Mc...

Independent sector ‘key’ to solving NHS Wales backlog battle

With patient backlog and staff shortages in NHS Wales growing to alarming heights, health boards across face an intense battle of attrition, but te...

Sewage leaks into hospitals as government comes under fire for failing on New Hospitals Programme

Liberal Democrat data reveals hospitals face crippling backlog maintenance issues, putting patients and staff at risk

£5m boost creates UK’s largest dedicated ambulance factory

VCS announces major investment into Bradford vehicle manufacturing plant

Why innovation in healthcare needs to be about productivity, prevention, people, and place

Ian Watson, director of commercial solutions at Canon Medical Systems UK (pictured below), explains how overcoming the challenges in UK healthcare...

Comment: Integrated care systems start with integrated operations

Ian Sturgess, an urgent and emergency care expert, creator of the Directory for Ambulatory Emergency Care for Adults, and advisor at TeleTracking U...

Comment: Does the NHS really need a health tech evolution?

Brian Murray, director at Orion Health, discusses the demand for a health tech evolution within the NHS

Transforming primary care with effective integration of services

Today, too many Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) are unable to deliver collaborative care due to lack of integration...

New strategy boosts NHS access to medical technology

Medical Technology Strategy will ensure patients can access safe, effective, and innovative equipment and medical devices