SonoSite’s M-Turbo helps osteopaths see things clearly


European School of Osteopathy invests in SonoSite M-Turbo point-of-care ultrasound system

The European School of Osteopathy (ESO) in Maidstone, Kent, has invested in a SonoSite M-Turbo point-of-care ultrasound system, giving its students the opportunity to discover how the technology can help them in their clinical and educational practice.

Lance Bird, department head/sonologist and senior lecturer in medical imaging at ESO, said: “Ultrasound is an accessible imaging modality that can be used to diagnose, research and further investigate the nature of osteopathy. It enables full, expert visualisation of fundamental pathologies and management of the presenting condition in situations where the structure or function is not clearly palpable, or musculoskeletal tests give ambiguous results.

“The M¬Turbo system was chosen for the ESO clinical teaching site for its cost utility, robust design and the high resolution of its transducers. Its portability is also ideal for this kind of work.

“The M-Turbo benefits the clinic by allowing the students to expand their primary analyses of presenting conditions, identifying and quantifying issues such as the presence of osteophytes, osteoarthritic degeneration or muscle tears that might be contraindications for physical manipulations. It also acts as a research tool to quantify palpatory experience and allow quality empirical research to be tested, ensuring that safe and best practice is followed and that any proposed treatment is not detrimental.

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“Ultrasound can, and does, provide osteopaths with a unique window of imaging information, producing diagnostic and research opportunities. I am certain it will soon become routinely used and accepted in osteopathy.”