New UltraLite footwear set to lighten the load


Specialist manufacturer launches lightest-ever ergonomically-designed clog for healthcare workers

Professionals in industries such as healthcare will soon be able to take some of the weight off their hard-working feet with a new clog, which is one of the lightest, safest and most-comfortable working footwear options available anywhere in the world.

Specialist footwear manufacturer, Toffeln, is launching its new and improved UltraLite range, which is available from Monday, 27 June.

The redesigned clogs are considerably lighter than the original popular UltraLite collection, and have a wealth of further improvements, such as much-higher levels of slip resistance, and enhanced sole flexibility for supreme comfort.

Toffeln was founded in 1978 to create scientifically-modelled shoes for those professionals whose work entails standing up for long periods of time, such as doctors, nurses and chefs. The footwear is now available in over 50 countries, and is specifically engineered to provide high levels of comfort, while supporting the feet, legs and back to reduce the pain caused by the pressure of standing.

The UltraLite specialist shoes were first introduced in 1983, and have been some of the most popular in the Toffeln range. The redesign comes as a result of research and testing carried out by Toffeln’s scientific design team. The updated clog is now even lighter, has enhanced sole flexibility and cushioning for comfort, and benefits from enhanced slip resistance, perfect for busy hospitals or kitchens. The shoe has also had an aesthetic lift, incorporating a high-grade leather upper and insoles.

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A spokesperson for Toffeln said: “We are excited to be unveiling the new UltraLite clogs after all the hard work that has gone into making the improvements. We are astounded at how lightweight the design team have managed to make them, and we’ve been calling them the ‘ultra-UltraLites’ here in the office.”