NHS GP practice improves patient access

By Jo Makosinski | 7-Nov-2022

Automatic door solution reduces energy bills and improves the internal environment

As part of a significant redevelopment project, Derwent Practice has improved patient access from the carpark by installing a smart new TORMAX automatic bi-parting entrance system.

Giving clear and easy access to all users, the sliding doors are fully compliant with current legislation.

Powered by the in-house-designed Win Drive 2201 operator, a long and reliable working life can be expected thanks to the sophisticated design of the motor which benefits from almost-wear-less operation.

The Win Drive is tested to significantly more than current industry requirements of one million cycles and can be found installed in busy locations throughout the world.

A significant local service, Derwent Practice is the only GP practice in Malton, North Yorkshire.

As well as the newly-positioned automatic entrance, patients also now benefit from the addition of new consulting rooms, extending the clinics and services that can be offered.

“With heating bills set to rise even further, an automatic entrance is a sound financial investment,” said Simon Roberts, managing director of TORMAX.

“Not only do our door drives feature low-energy operation, but an automatic entrance can itself significantly help reduce heat loss from a building.

“And sophisticated movement sensors combine with straight-forward, two-key programming to allow the opening and closing speed, hold-open time, and opening width all to be altered to match how busy the access point is at any time of the day, as well as to reflect the outside weather conditions.

“Used efficiently, the new entrance for the Derwent Practice will significantly improve the ambient temperature in the reception area, as well as helping to cut energy bills.”

Practice manager, Lorraine Akers, adds: “We have a wide variety of individuals using the clinic and it was essential that the new entrance offered a substantial opening width so that less-able patients are made to feel welcome, as well as making it easy for those with prams and pushchairs too.”

Two-key programming enables the practice to control opening and closing speed and hold-open options

Two-key programming enables the practice to control opening and closing speed and hold-open options


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