Mobility specialist launches carbon fibre prosthetic foot range


Triton technology provides improved motion for everyday life or sporting activities

Mobility equipment specialist, Ottobock Healthcare, the official partner for the 2012 Paralympic Games, has unveiled a new range of carbon fibre prosthetic feet, designed in conjuction with amputees.

The Triton Foot range has been designed to meet the demands of an active lifestyle and offer the wearer comfort and stability even under heavy loads.

The springs within Triton feet have been crafted to dampen the impact of the load, and the shortening of the heel lever allows for maximum control when bending the knee for greater confidence and safety. In addition, the interconnected high-performance polymer spring system integrated throughout the range links the forefoot and heel and stores energy during heel strike. This energy is then gradually released over the course of the stance phase, allowing for a more natural and easy roll-over movement of the foot.

The base spring has been specially formed and is split at the forefoot section, so effective foot length reaches the big toe. This allows the wearer to perform powerful transitions to the swing phase and to walk at variable speeds more comfortably. Roll-over and heel characteristics can be adapted and customised according to individual requirements for greater stability.

There are three prosthetic solutions to choose from within the family of products. They are:

  • The 1C60 Triton: This is suitable for patients weighing up to 150kg and available with a choice of either a slim footshell with a 15mm heel height or a standard footshell with a 10mm heel height
  • The 1C61 Triton Vertical Shock: This shares the same advanced functionality of the 1C60 Triton, but provides increased vertical shock absorption and torsion capabilities
  • The 1C62 Triton Harmony: This builds on the same functionality as the 1C61 Triton Vertical Shock, but also features Harmony P3 technology for a stronger connection between the residual limb and the prosthesis for greater safety

David Campbell, sales manager for Ottobock Healthcare, said: “The Triton range has been created by working closely with amputees, giving us an even deeper understanding of their lifestyle needs.

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“The innovative design is suited to a broad range of applications, from everyday life to sporting activities. Each of the products is designed to provide the wearer with efficient dynamic form, excellent energy storage and return to provide ultimate confidence when walking or running.”