Mansfield Pollard operates out-of-hours service to ensure business as usual for hospital


Ventilation upgrade carried out overnight to ensure catering services are not affected

Air management specialist, Mansfield Pollard, has upgraded the ventilation system at Scunthorpe General Hospital without impacting on the running of the facility.

The North Lincolnshire hospitals’ main production kitchen feeds approximately 1,000 people a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and closing the kitchen would have resulted in a costly and complex requirement to have meals produced from an outside source.

The facilities team required a company who were willing to go the extra mile and undertake the installation while ensuring that the kitchen would remain operational for the duration of the project.

Cantech - the kitchen canopy arm of Mansfield Pollard – was contracted to carry out the work and developed a joint plan with the hospital to overcome the logistical challenges.

The in-house team of specialist fitters worked four consecutive night shifts to install the upgrade and ensure the project was carried out without negatively impacting the kitchen’s ability to produce the required number of meals; meaning hard working staff could cater for the patients and staff as efficiently as usual.

Keith Fowler, general manager for hotel services at Scunthorpe General Hospital, said: “Our kitchen provides catering services for patients, staff and visitors serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as snacks. As such our kitchen is an exceptionally busy place and stopping work was not an option for us while this work was undertaken.”

Joanna Robinson, managing director at Mansfield Pollard, added: "Our latest project with Scunthorpe General Hospital is a great example of how our experience, knowledge and capabilities ensure that we can tackle any air management problem.

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