Durapipe HTA pipework installed at Slough rehabilitation clinic


Pipework links three boiler houses to new hot and cold water distribution system

Durapipe HTA pipework has been installed within a physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinic at Upton Hospital in Slough.

The clinic, which was undergoing a refurbishment, provides patients with therapies to help aid recovery from various operations and disabilities.

As part of the project, SSE Contracting Farnborough was tasked with installing a reliable and durable pipework solution to cater for the hot and cold water services throughout the clinic.

Selected in sizes from 20mm to 40mm, Durapipe HTA was installed to link three new boiler houses to a new hot and cold water distribution system, feeding existing sanitaryware within three wings of the hospital.

Jordan Beckett, project manager from SSE Contracting Farnborough, said: “The product is known for its high performance characteristics, so the decision was simple.”

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Durapipe HTA offers superior corrosion and limescale resistant properties, increasing the lifespan of the pipework and avoiding costly maintenance and replacement work. Its lightweight nature, combined with a quick and simple cold weld jointing technique, eliminates the need for hot works or skilled welders, further reducing the installation cost and time of projects.