Cook Medical launches ultra low profile PTA catheter for below the knee surgery


Advance Micro 14 PTA Balloon Catheter helps to access smaller vessels

Cook Medical has launched a new ultra low profile PTA catheter for use in below the knee (BTK) procedures.

The Advance Micro 14 PTA Balloon Catheter is a dedicated over-the-wire micro balloon with a low crossing profile. It is small enough to fit through a 3 FR sheath and has a tip entry profile as small as a 0.018-inch wire. The Pliaform balloon texture, available on all sizes except the 1.5 mm diameter devices, combined with a hydrophilic coating, reduces friction when inserting and retracting the device compared to uncoated devices.

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“As below the knee procedures become ever more common, the need for dedicated devices that push the limits of what is possible is increasing,” said Andreas Förster, EMEA manager for Cook Medical's peripheral intervention clinical division. “The Advance Micro 14 has been designed to work both from an antegrade or retrograde pedal stick approach, making it a very versatile BTK balloon that can help physicians access smaller vessels to treat patients.”