Capita Symonds to lead Scottish NHS estates management review


Capita Symonds to work with Health Facilities Scotland to appraise existing estate and gauge performance

Capita Symonds has been appointed by Health Facilities Scotland (HFS) as survey partners for the latest phase of an estates asset management programme.

The company has already completed the first three phases of the initiative, which has included condition appraisals of more than 1.9 million sq m of NHS Scotland’s existing land and property assets across the 22 NHS Scotland health boards. The fourth phase will comprise working with the boards to identify gaps in their existing asset management system and then carrying out condition appraisal surveys to fill these gaps.

The appraisal of the existing estate in terms of its condition and performance is a fundamental requirement for the development of a comprehensive property strategy for NHS Scotland and requires knowledge of the physical condition of the buildings, their engineering systems and external works, as well as alignment with the NHS Scotland boards’ Clinical Strategy .

Establishing the current physical condition of the estate will enable HFS to identify the properties to be retained or disposed of, enabling a robust capital and revenue investment programme to be developed based on accurate estate information.

This will support the Property and Asset Management Strategy (PAMS) drawn up for each NHS Board in accordance with Health Facilities Scotland guidance and Scottish Government Health Directorates policy, which will demonstrate how property performance can contribute to NHS Scotland’s six dimensions of healthcare quality: patient centred, safe, effective, efficient, equitable and timely.

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Capita Symonds’ commission was awarded following a mini competition under the Government Procurement Services (GPS) Framework Agreement for Project Management and Full Design Team Services.