C365 Online helps hospitals and healthcare organisations manage statutory compliance obligations


Cloud-based solution enables trusts to audit, manage and disseminate information on regulatory compliance

C365 Online has developed a new cloud-based technology to help hospitals, health authorities and public sector organisations manage their numerous statutory compliance and health and safety obligations.

There are more than 80 legislative areas of periodic compliance to ensure organisations maintain a risk-free environment for staff, patients and members of the public. These include legionella water hygiene, asbestos, fire risk, alarm, electrical wiring, medical gases, glass safety and portable appliance testing. All these have differing inspection frequencies and safety testing methods and require specialist operatives to complete.

C365 Online is a cloud-based health and safety compliance system that manages all these areas, reducing the cost of managing compliance and minimising risk by helping them to audit, manage and disseminate information while continually improving compliance levels by identifying inspections, surveys and actions as they become due.

East Cheshire NHS Trust is utilising the system to manage 75 properties across 30 areas of relevant health and safety compliance, helping its small compliance team keep up to date with more than 7,000 annual compliance inspections and resulting remedial actions which are automatically extracted by the system.

C365 Online significantly reduces the regulatory burden while freeing up the property management team to concentrate on more urgent actions like ensuring that remedial building work and other crucial work is carried out.

Authorised users simply require an internet connection and browser to access and upload to C365 Online from any location and from any device including PCs, laptops, tablets, PDAs or smartphones.

Users at East Cheshire NHS Trust include the asset management team, internal assessors and ward clinicians and third party contractors also have access to the system and are alerted when tasks are due and then they simply upload the test certificate to the system when completed. The dynamic dashboards reflect the live status, ensuring all work is completed and automatically escalating to management when not.

C365 Online managing director, Malcolm Wallis, said: “We have worked with a number of health service and public sector organisations which are seeking to reduce the paper trail and costly resources allowing management to manage their risk by exception.

“Compliance is a mandatory requirement for all property owners and the solution means those responsible for a hospital trust’s estate can manage all their documentation and ensure all tests, inspections and certification is up to date.”

All an organisation’s resources, certificates and survey documents from health and safety records to disability discrimination policies are securely stored online with C365 Online and can be accessed by property managers and other authorised personnel, including third-party suppliers 365 days a year.

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