A scent solution


Initial Medical launches Premium Scenting Cube to create pleasant odours in healthcare environments

The odours found in any medical setting can evoke negative connotations, causing anxiety, stress, and even fear, in many patients.

When striving to enhance the patient care and experience delivered, the use of fragrance can be used for a more-positive outcome.

The Premium Scenting Cube from Initial Medical is a device that can be easily and discreetly integrated into every surgery and waiting room.

The fragrances produced neutralise odours without leaving unsightly deposits on work surfaces, and are safe to have within the surgery.

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The fragrance is evenly dispersed throughout the entire room and there are four scents to choose from - Refreshing Lavender for a calming effect; Fresh Clean for an uplifting feeling; Fresh Cotton for happiness and increased mental energy; and Chocolate Chip Cookie, for a warm and homely feel.